Monday, April 30, 2012

Harvest Church Youth Fundraiser!!!

Mark your calendars for MAY 5th! That's when the youth at Harvest Church are holding a bake sale fundraiser to raise money to go to camp this summer! We have some seriously awesome youth in our church, and it's a privilege for me to be able to help them out to go to camp!

So come to Harvest Church (formerly the Booth Barn, 1100 Booth Drive in Pocatello, call me for directions if you need) this Saturday and pick up some goodies! There will be Wild Sugar cupcakes, brownies and cookies, along with all the other baked goods donated for the fundraiser! I will also have Wild Sugar gift certificates available too!

Or how 'bout this? If you can't make it to the fundraiser on Saturday, or if you don't even live near Pocatello (*ahem* that's YOU my Utah and extreme southern Idaho friends!), you can place a custom order with me instead! It doesn't have to be for the 5th, it can be anytime, just let me know it's for the youth fundraiser and I'll make sure 100% of the proceeds go to them!

Prices will be a little less than my usual so make sure to give me a call and get a price quote!

Here are some basic prices though:

6 cupcakes $13 (or $2.25 ea for singles)
Dozen cupcakes $26
6 brownies $12 (or $2 ea)
Cookies $20/dozen

Be sure to send your friends to the fundraiser too, because I'm starting a new referral discount. For every paid order placed (or fundraiser item bought) by someone that says "So and So sent me to Wild Sugar" you will get $5 off your next custom order!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Permanent Changes

Apparently I really need to work on keeping up with this blog, considering that the last post was about moving from Idaho to North Dakota......and now we're BACK in Idaho! ha!

Well, one thing that never changes is the cakes. I might take a break here and there because of some craziness going on in my life, but I always come back to the sugar!

Almost as soon as we got back to Idaho, the orders started rolling in! March was just FULL of cakes!

The first one was a last-minute wedding cake and two 1/4 sheet cakes. I absolutely LOVED how this cake turned out!

The top layer was snicker doodle cake, the middle lemon and the bottom chocolate. (I think? I get the flavors confused once I get them covered in fondant! lol!)

Th real roses were just gorgeous! Thanks to Buds and Bloomers florist in Pocatello for the flowers!

We have some very good friends in Malad. We pretty much consider the Higley's family now though, not just friends! They've all got a herd of kids just like we do now, so there's always a birthday coming up! I would have done Roper's cake, but his party was THE weekend we moved back home and I just didn't have time to get everything unpacked to make a cake!

Jason and Laura had a baby on the way that was making life hard on his momma, so since she was just coming off of bed rest, there was NO WAY I was going to let her make Autumn's birthday cake herself! I made her a cute little Dora the Explorer cake, complete with fondant Map and Backpack!

Now I'm doing her cousin Kambrea's Minnie Mouse cake this weekend! Thanks Higley's!

Our neighbors are also frequent flyers at Wild Sugar now! It was their nephew that the red and black wedding cake from earlier in the month was for! Their oldest turned 18 and he decided that was a pretty important date and had a birthday party! So I made him a big number 18 camouflage cake to help him celebrate! They had originally picked a different flavor, but I had taken them some snicker doodle cupcakes earlier in the week, and they decided they wanted the birthday cake snicker doodle too! That flavor is definitely rising to the top of the "Most Requested" list!

 (Sorry about the poor picture quality. I kinda forgot to take a picture of this one before it left the house, so it's a cell phone shot from Becci!)

Then their youngest Matisyn turned 2, so they ordered her favorite Minnie Mouse in vanilla cake with buttercream!

Cute little Minnie cupcakes!

This one was frosted in buttercream with fondant accents. Buttercream still is not my favorite to work with, but i'm getting better with it!

One weekend I had TWO cakes to have ready Saturday night. One was for a little girls birthday party and the other was for a baby shower at church. It was the first time I'd finished two big cakes at once! CRAZY day though! Thank goodness for a daddy that takes his boys fishing to get them out from under mom's feet!!

The birthday cake was themed after the movie Tangled, which I LOVE, so I was totally excited to do this one! The little details were so much fun! Everything but the Rapunzel doll was edible! Even the chocolate "rocks"! 

The baby shower cake was more basic, but still very cute! I love the clean look of the circles. I forgot to ask Pastor Penny what flavor she wanted, so I took the liberty of choosing my favorite chocolate cake recipe with fudge filling!

What is really sad is, my baby girl Whitley turned one on March 23rd. Know what kind of cake she got? You would think that someone that makes these elaborate birthday cakes for everyone would make her own kids cool cakes, right? 

Wrong....................... She got....



She got plain ol' cupcakes.... I was so busy with the other cakes, and my husband finally moved back down here with us the day after her birthday, so I didn't plan her a party or make her own special cake! She still seemed to enjoy it though, special elaborate cake or not! 

I have two in mind that I want to make her, and I've already bought the Tinker Belle and My Little Pony dolls to go with them, and I figure that she's not going to know the difference anyways, right? So she will still get her cake (maybe even two! lol!) it will just be a month or so late. And she will be none-the-wiser in 15 years when she's looking through pictures wondering why we "forgot" her first birthday! 

So that was my March Madness (and the first of April)!

 I'm looking forward to possibly doing another wedding cake soon in gorgeous yellow and blue, and maybe helping my cousin make her brother's wedding cake in June. 

I'm also excited about the possibility of getting orders for wedding cakes at our church! They just bought the former Booth Barn (for those of you who know us, YES! That's the place Chuck and I got married! Cool, right?!) and will still rent it out as an event center like it was before, just new and improved as the Harvest Church and Events center! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Exciting new changes!!

With all the changes in our lives from moving from Idaho to North Dakota, to adding our baby girl to the family, cake has kind of taken a back seat to life. But I recently decided that I need to get back to it. I miss baking and I really miss making cakes for people!

I recently started selling cupcakes at the local Dickinson farmers market*. It's really been a lot of fun to meet people in the community while sharing my creations and I'm really considering making a go at getting a business started here in Dickinson!

I was also contacted by the local newspaper at the Farmers Market about doing an article on my cupcakes and I'm SUPER excited to see how it turns out!

The other fun news is, Wild Sugar now has a Facebook page! I'm hoping that once I get the boring details of business licensing and such out of the way and start making cake orders, I will start posting weekly specials just for Facebook followers!

*Come visit us at the Farmers Market every Tuesday and Saturday at 10am in the parking lot of AWTY Maps on Hwy 10!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mass Update!

My friends husband called me up and asked me to do a surprise cake for Jennifer for their anniversary. He had me do a recreation of the top tier of their wedding cake! It wasn't my proudest moment. Buttercream frosting and i dont always get along real well. But it turned out ok i think! I added their kids initials (MJM) on the back of it too!
This one was for my friends little girl. I managed a little better with the buttercream this time! Lol!

These were just for fun. They are miniature lemon drop cupcakes!


The cupcakes were for another little girls birthday. They were White Chocolate, and for some unknown reason it took me a few batches to get one that didn't sink in the middle. They looked more like donuts. It was weird....but eventually, they turned out, and she got her cupcakes!


Obviously, these were easter cupcakes. The little bitty mini ones were for the kids at church. The big ones were for the adult kids at the Easter BBQ at church!


I cant remember if i've posted these or not, so i'm going to go ahead and do it again! It's a wedding cake and a grooms cake. The Groom is a soldier, so he got a surprise tank at the wedding! It's one of my all-time favorites! The wedding cake was a topsy turvy cake. My first ever, and definitely a learning experience....the middle tier was a little too big around, so it didn't turn out exactly how it was supposed to. Cute still though!


The purple "1" cake above was for the little sister of Roper! This was his 3rd birthday! He got a little buckle cake for his very own! I cant actually take much credit for the big cake. I was extremely busy and behind schedule that day, so my husband actually ended up making all the fondant figures on the cake!


I think that's all my most recent cakes. I feel like i'm forgetting some though...hmmm...Let me know if i've made one for you in the last few months and there's no picture of it on here! Thanks!

Baby Belly Cake!

I know i SERIOUSLY need to do some catching up on this blog. I've been so busy lately, and this has kind of been neglected....So i'll add my most recent cake, and add on posts from there!

This baby shower cake was for my friends sister. They wanted a belly cake, which i wasn't worried about. However, they wanted it to have a western button up shirt. I had NEVER seen one like that before, nor could i find one. Everything was sleeveless........and collar-less........ So i had to wing it, once again!

This cake taught me a few lessons. First one being that it is IMPOSSIBLE to make fondant without powdered sugar (duh) and even more importantly, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get powdered sugar in Downey Idaho at midnight. Just doesn't exist. Not even McCammon has it (Who woulda thunk it?). So stock up, unless you want to drive 50 miles in the middle of the night to get said sugar. Or get up at 6 am the next morning to do it like i did.

I also learned that i REALLY LOVE making belly cakes! They are so stinkin' cute to begin with, then to add the cowgirl flair that i obviously love just makes it perfect!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Monthly Specials!!!

There is ALWAYS an occasion for cake! So every month i will feature a new design or flavor at a special discounted price. Basically, what i'm saying is, i'm using ya'll as guinea pigs to try out new things! So keep watching!!!

Also, i am going to start giving referral discounts. Send me a friend and i'll give you $5 bucks off your next order with me. Send me 10 friends, and i'll give you $50 bucks off! That's free cake people! *The friend you send me has to place an order to qualify for your discount!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Mak's Cupcakes!

On May 3rd, I have some special cupcakes coming. They are going to be the most vibrant hot pink I can create with frosting. There should be a baby girl blowing out her one candle on a birthday cake that day. Instead, it will be a day we remember her and pray for her family.

100% of the proceeds for these cupcakes ordered for May 3rd will go to Mak’s momma. She can use it for whatever she feels most appropriate, whether that be to help pay for the classes she’s taking right now so she can get the great job she’s after to create the life she wants for her and Cheyenne, or to help with her living expenses until she gets that great job, or to put towards a cause to remember Makenna. Whatever she needs most right now.

I can’t rewind time. I can’t make the hurt go away. I can’t fix Jessica’s financial stress. But I CAN bake!!!

The details:

• The cupcakes will be $20/dozen and $10/half-dozen.

• All of the cupcakes will be frosted in buttercream. Hot pink. Pink is Makenna, so pink they will be!

• Choice of 3 flavors: Chocolate, vanilla, or butter cake (aka yellow cake).*

• I will take orders from now til Saturday May 1st. All cupcakes will be delivered May 3rd.

TO ORDER contact me at:


208-705-3555 (text or call)

I know Jess has a lot of family and friends that are too far away from me to order cupcakes that would like to be involved. Don’t worry though, I have a plan for you guys too! Details to follow soon! (Let me know if you are interested though ok!)

*If you have a specific request for a flavor, let me know. Depending on how many orders I get, I may be able to get more creative with flavors!